At the Movies 2009 art

Here’s the finished artwork for‘s “At the Movies” series, in which we (legally) watch edits of Hollywood films to find Biblical truths in the stories.

This was a lot of fun and was my first full project since my recent switch to Cinema4D.

In addition to this, there is a fully-animated promo of these elements, which I’ll talk more about here soon.

5 thoughts on “At the Movies 2009 art

    • Thanks! I’ve used Lightwave3D for probably 7 years or so, before switching to Cinema4D. 3D software, in general, has a bit of a curve, but C4D is pretty intuitive. It’s not too hard to get in and start making some nice renders, especially of text.

    • It varies a lot. With multi-state shipping, our 1st print deadline hits a month before the start of a series. How much time we have before that is anywhere from a week to a month or so.

      At the Movies is the one exception to every rule. We know that we’re doing the series every summer, so it’s the one chance we have all year to really think stuff out in advance and put in all the time we need.

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