“The Ghost” inspired by Pierre Michel

Ok, I’m just going to lead with it: in this piece, I leaned way too heavily on my inspiration from Pierre Michel (warning: some of his work contains artistic nudity). I was actually surprised (and embarrassed) by how much it looks like his “Fire Flower,” since certain ideas I thought were original were actually straight copies from my subconscious. ¬†Give the credit to him on this one.

Having said all that, this is the promo for the LifeChurch.tv October message series. Our main goals were to capitalize on the feel of the fall season while capturing the power and awe of the Holy Spirit, all without getting too creepy.

Initially, we wanted to go with a stark white look (which, in hindsight, would have avoided the similarity issue), but it just didn’t feel “October.” The fire’s contrast with the black looked more powerful in the print art, so I changed direction.

All in all, thanks to an incredible script by Kevin Ely and casting by Beth Johnson, I think it succeeds in its objectives. I just wish I didn’t feel like a thief.

How about you? Have you ever created something, only to discover that it wasn’t nearly as original as you’d imagined?

6 thoughts on ““The Ghost” inspired by Pierre Michel

  1. It’s always uplifting when people look at my stuff and say “ewh that’s cool, that looks like….”

    I love coming up with original Ideas, but sometimes it feels like the more I chase it the less original it is.

  2. I remember hearing once that plagiarism is stealing someone else’s idea, but research is stealing a whole bunch of people’s ideas.

    While I see similarities, there are definitely enough original qualities in your video that I wouldn’t feel knocked off if I was Pierre Michel. I love the way you use the fire as a mask for her face several times. I also love the dove shaped fire at the end. The colors of the particles really help make it more fall and less creepy. Overall, it’s an amazing job of combining live action with the power of After Effects. Maybe I’m biased, but the live action really helps bring a sense of realism to the piece that can’t be replaced with software. Stunning job.

  3. Geez, I hate you guys!
    O.K. not really, but often envy and jealousy are expressed as hatred by emotional midgets, of which I am one (just 70 years too late to be part of the Lollipop Guild).

    No, it’ looks great, has that element of mystery that will entice the folks. First class job, great mix on the audio, didn’t overuse the visual filters and effects. You’re doing Christian media justice by producing such compelling work! Thanks from all of us who represent Christ in media.

    I just wish I had the chops and the time to do your quality of work!
    I’m jealous (in a good kind of way)!

    Keep your eye on the prize!

    Stu Ehr
    Media Director
    Sisters Community Church
    Sisters, Oregon

  4. NIIICE. I agree that the bright orange on black is quite october and very punchy.

    I have found the more and more I look at other people’s work (like yours, ha!) the more I tend to fall into the trap of “oooo… that look’s like theirs…”.

    Steller job.

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