Cinema 4D to After Effects CS5 – .aec import fix

Just a little help to any motion design readers out there. Hopefully it will save you the frustation I experienced.

If you’ve recently upgraded to C4D 11.5 and AE CS5, you may find that importing an .aec file doesn’t work like it did before. Even after copying the proper plug-in into your AE folder, any .aec file will still be ghosted out. After some trial and error, I finally found the reason: The plug-in that shipped with C4D 11.5 is outdated.

Here’s the new plug-in at Maxon’s site. Unzip it and drop it into the Plug-ins folder inside your AE application folder, and all will be well again.

If you haven’t used an .aec (After Effects Composition) file before, it’s an exceptionally helpful way to marry Cinema4D and After Effects, by syncing up 3D environments and cameras to avoid extra renders and speed up production time. Here’s a tutorial from Maxon to get you started.