The Vendor/Client relationship (video)

Ha! Stumbled across this video and loved it. A must for anyone who’s done much freelance work. We should all make our clients watch this before beginning any work.

And if you like this, here’s a similar comic I drew last year. I think it’s kinda funny we both went with the restaurant analogy.


venting through comics #1

I’ve recently discovered the practice of venting my frustration by drawing comics. It’s much better than blurting out whatever pops into my head. This way I have to think it through first…

This is one I worked up after a couple of freelance projects – and after talking to some colleagues about our history with corporate clients.

It’s amazing how things that would be completely absurd in other situations are somehow perfectly acceptable to ask of a creative – especially since it’s always assumed that it won’t cost extra.

I was hesitant to post this for fear that anyone would think that this reflects situations at, but it doesn’t. At all. I promise.